The App

KaRecord App enables vehicle owners to track their vehicle expenses and store a copy of their bills for future references. Owners who use their vehicle for commercial purposes, can track their income and expenses to determine the Return on Investment (ROI) on their vehicle.  The App also have functions that enables vehicle owners to maintain and track promotional vouchers and points from their favorite service providers and corporate players. As and when needed, they can also search for other automotive or ancillary service providers and seek assistance in case of emergency.


There would be no room for loss of data or documentation as all documents are securely saved in cloud storage. Vehicle owners can access them anytime with multiple devices. The data and documents can also be transferred to new owners without any difficulty when the vehicle is sold off. The App also acts as a simple interface for service providers to communicate with vehicle owners on various promotional offers from time to time and send reminders for follow up services etc.



Keeping records is not a challenging task anymore with Karecords. Just snap a photo and save it. With secure records, it can improve your vehicle salability and resale value in the future. The app is free and no limitations on usage.